New Allegations against officer Tudor after a woman’s arm is broken by him during an arrest. If officer Tudor had been suspended after the Deninzio indecent would the woman’s arm still have been broken?

I feel the City of Santa Barbara; police Chief Cam Sanchez and District Attorney Joyce Dudley are responsible for the broken arm  recently suffered by a woman while she was being arrested by Officer Tudor. What I mean is that if officer Turdor had been on suspension from the Denunzio incident would the female still have had her arm broken? I am insulted when police Chief Sanchez acknowledges he was aware that a woman suffered a broken arm, but stated no investigation had been started since the victim had not filed a report. So am I to understand that the Santa Barbara police department does not find a broken arm alarming while arresting a female? There seems to be a great deal of integrity missing in the recent actions and public statements of both the police chief and district attorney.
How could Sanchez and Dudley be reassuring the public that the forced applied by Officer Tudor was within the limits of the law in regards to the Denunzio DUI arrest. Were they secretly hoping that the media and public would not be made aware of Officer Tudor’s newest predicament? It was with extreme reluctance on my part that I informed those who receive my emails that my friends within Law Enforcement were EXTREMELY unhappy with the recent clearing of office Turdor in the Denunzio arrest.
 When you review the Peter Lance DUI case and dismissal, which was based on the fact that the arresting officer had no Constitutional grounds to stop him. Then review the video and watch Officer Tudor running to his patrol car, well I think even Superior Court Judge Hill knows this case has to be dismissed for the same reasons.
Last week I mentioned that I was contacted by two newspaper reporters who were working on a new story and wanted to talk with me about the following passage from one of my postings.
“I just cannot believe the Santa Barbara District Attorneys office or County Law Enforcement. Here is a clear act of conspiracy by those for mentioned with what I am about to share. This case is far too hot and I will say dangerous for me to get involved with. But it does have relevancy in regards to the fact that the SB D.A. and Law Enforcement are willing to commit crimes , sign phony documents, commit perjury,  in order to pick and chose who the punish with criminal offenses.
The next passage was taken from the bottom of page 8 of the attachment.(not shared on my blog) Where a County law enforcement officer admits to perjury in order to obtain a false conviction.” I Sergeant X. XXXXN #xxx58 had previously prepared a ruse affidavit. The ruse affidavit contained details of Two crimes for which XXXXXXO was being investigated. Many of the details were true, and many were fabricated. The ruse affidavit contained details regarding the robbery that occurred in Santa XXXXXX, as well as a home invasion robbery involving XXXXX XXXXX.”
This next passage was taken from page three of the attachment lines 17,18, and 19. When confronted about using a judge’s signature on a signed warrant with an untruthful affidavit, sworn under penalty of perjury, Sgt. Xxxxxn advised X, attorney for the defendant, that he received his instructions to do so from the “District Attorney’s Office”
I wonder what the above passage has to do with their news story? We will probably find out this Thursday when the publish their story!
Well here are some new stories about the new allegations concerning Santa Barbara police officer Tudor.
Santa Barbara Mayor wants investigation into allegations involving police department
Santa Barbara Mayor Helene Schneider said that the allegations that a Santa Barbara Police Department Officer broke the arm of a DUI suspect during an arrest need to be looked into.
“These are significant and severe allegations that need to be addressed,” Schneider said. “I know the chief is doing an investigation and I expect it to be as thorough as possible.”
Deputy Police Chief Frank Mannix said the department has  been aware of the incident with the broken arm. He said officer Aaron Tudor and another officer had been trying to handcuff the woman. The woman allegedly gave some resistance during the arrest that resulted in the arm held by Tudor being broken

Denunzio Pleads Not Guilty; New Allegations Surface Against Santa Barbara Police Officer
Attorney says two women plan to file complaints against Officer Aaron Tudor in separate incidents related to suspected DUI traffic stops
Please read the comments posted by the public after the stories.

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Our Santa Barbara Criminal and Civil Superior Courts often abuse’s us with illegal and unjust judgments and convictions. So I investigate, law enforcement, judge’s, elected officials and our California Public Pensions trying to expose the corruption we are being forced to accept. We must always respect and support those who practice the law in an even and ethical manner and demand it from those who do not. Here you can find data for SBCERS, VECRA, LACERA .pensions as well as others.
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