Santa Barbara County Auditor-Controller Robert Geis, who is in on the Billion Dollar SBCERS Pension Heist?


Subject: Those of you that know him need to ask Auditor-Controller R. Geis what is his error! Links to all by pension audit data year by year.
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2011 15:20:36 -0700

So let’s go over my SBCERS pension findings one more time! Over the last 18 months I have questioned how it was possible for the SBCERS pension to be as underfunded as is being claimed 1 Billion Dollars. The reason that I questioned this was because during my initial research in March of 2010 I found that in the past the SBCERS pension had some incredible return on investment yearly averages. Since than I have found many sources that provided me with the data I am sharing with you all today.  The two main questions I have and the data needed to prove my possession are all included in this email. 
1- In a 1986 California State Controllers audit I have the documentation that shows the SBCERSpension to be 102% funded. In the 2009 document regarding our County contribution history to the pension the funded ratio for 1986 is reported as 67%. The simple question is who altered the funded values from their originally reported values?
2- Based on the reply by John H. of the California State Controllers Office. It appears he is questioning the differences that exists in reported values between attachments 4 and 5 the 1996 and 1996 audits the same as me ( for the SBCERS pension).
The SBCERS data will appear as the fourth county on attachments 1,2,5 and 6. Attachments 3 and 4 are 1 page each. 
Sent: Fri 7/22/2011 2:02 PM
To: Terry McGuire
Subject: FW: Retirement Publication Question
 Terry, the following response should address the question of why there are differences in the two reports for SB.
Thanks, John

But wait no one from the controller’s office addressed whether or not I am also correct that theSBCERS pension was over 100% way back on 12/31/86. The proof of 102% SBCERS pension for 1986 are in attachments 1,2 and 4 and there is no disputing these facts! The third attachment could not have been created until 2009(attachment 3). Compare the funded status for 1986 and 88(in attachments 1 and 2), with attachment 3. Be careful the 2009 report often only reports every other year until 1995. There is no disputing my findings that the SBCERS pension values were retroactively altered from their original reported values. The archived audits I posses are on a CD labeled with the State Controllers markings. I need to present these findings and question them before the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors. I also need to create a printed brochure with literature explaining why each audit and it’s importance. This makes it much easier for everyone to follow along. The next big discover my research has exposed is the actual 26 year investment return. Through my research I found that the 26 yearly average exceeds 9.0%.  All these facts leads us to one thing gentleman. It is IMPOSSIBLE for the pension to have any type of deficit and on the small side we have at least a one Billion dollar discrepancy with our county officials. Once we all are on the same page and understand the material there is NO WAY ANY ONE CAN PUBLICLY CHALLENGE MY FINDINGS!!!

Larry “Magic” Mendoza
links to all by pension audit data year by year


California Public Retirement Systems Annual Audit Reports 2007-08 – 1997-98. Also Past Fund Values from 1996-97 – 1978-79 for 5 California County Pensions; Los Angeles(LACERA), Santa Barbara(SBCERS) Ventura(VCERA), Kern(KCERA), and Contra Costa(CCCERS) County

Please click on any  orange highlight and that PDF file will open for your review when you are visiting my blog @

California Public Retirement Systems Annual Reports

1996-97  Fund Values for 5 California County Public Pensions; Los Angeles(LACERA), Santa Barbara(SBCERS) Ventura(VCERA), Kern(KCERA), and Contra Costa(CCCERS) County Santa Barbara is the fourth county on all the audits from here down. Compare the values presented here 
1995-96 And see what they looked like the year before. Also the given pension value for 88 differs here from the earlier audit below.
1987-88 Read the pension and funded values here
1985-86 And here

It may be easier to use my other blog posting  to click and open each year pdf file.@

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