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Our California State Controllers Office reviewed some of my concerns with the SBCERS pension fund.

I want you all to know that this month has provided me with more personal satisfaction than ever before and I just want to thank you all. This month has included some new experiences for me. The biggest of these … Continue reading

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Santa Barbara’s County pension fund out performs CalPers in 2011 by earning an outstanding 1 year return of 21.7% WOW. The best kept secret in Santa Barbara!

Almost two weeks ago Sunday I saw a Santa Barbara News Press front page headline that read; “Taxpayers on hook for shortages in pension system. Growing benefits plus weak economy leave public pensions short.” You must remember that the headline blaming … Continue reading

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Further Concerns about Santa Barbara Superior Court Judge Colleen K. Sterne. Seems others have faced her Unjust Rulings in Family Court

“Mr. Mendoza: In the hope that you are for real, I ran across your blog about Santa Barbara. I urge you to read the attached briefs. Judge Sterne was literally and without exaggeration, kept in hiding as the result of … Continue reading

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More Documentation Concerning the Retroactive Change of Value to our SBCERS Pension Fund Between 1995-96 and 1996-97 Reports

Well in Santa Barbara you just never know who you might run into. I was at breakfast this morning and met a very nice person who I hear might be running for City Council. It was especially nice to that … Continue reading

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Further Concerns with our Santa Barbara District Attorney and actions in Superior Court by Judges Eskin and Ochoa. As well as an update of Ms.D’Sant Angelo’s appeal to her first conviction’s. Have you read Peter Lance’s five part report on SBPD D.U.I Officer Beutel?

  I started out today writing another posting about the pension crisis and how this and that are effected. I work extremely hard on my pension research in hopes that some day it will create some type of State or … Continue reading

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My SEC complaint against Santa Barbara County and the SBCERS Pension Retirement Board;

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Complaint form; what are you complaining about?   I have some serious concerns that for years Santa Barbara County has repeatedly misrepresented their (SBCERS) pension fund value and funded ratio to the Municipal Securities as … Continue reading

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California State Controllers Public Retirement Systems(ALL Counties and City’s) Annual Audit reports from 1997-98 ending 2009/2010. Also Past Fund Values from 1996-97 – 1978-79 for 5 California County Pensions; Los Angeles(LACERA), Santa Barbara(SBCERS) Ventura(VCERA), Kern(KCERA), and Contra Costa(CCCERS) County

California Public Pension Funds Yearly Audits from the Office of the California State Controller. Pubic Pension Reports County by County and City by City @ Please click on any highlighted year  and that PDF file will open for your … Continue reading

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