Why is our California State Controllers office not allowing the Public Pension Audits to be found?

Well like the rest of you I can have my bad days and good days but once in a while we have an outstanding day. An like everyone else I tend to insert some “soft brags” into my conversations or postings about this or that. A good example of a ‘soft brag” is how I mentioned recently postings from my blog (@www.santabarbaracriminalcourtcorruption.blogspot.cm ) currently have over 7300 links to them. This number represents about a 75% increase from just a few months ago. If you are following along with the math you are right, in just the past few days I have already increased another 200 links wow!


I’ll be honest with you I feel that behind the scenes someone has been working diligently at creating these links and sharing my views and thoughts. I also feel that who ever this is must have some ties to law enforcement. I cannot verify that but my instincts have served me well so far. I feel there effort is to show those that break the law the “Good Guys” do not like how things have been going down here in Santa Barbara County. How ever what I am most proud of is the 7300 links themselves because I have not done more than 5 or 10 of them.


So just what made today so special? It was the very long conversation I hade with a local media source that lasted over an hour. Now I have spoken to this source in the past but today’s conversation was different. In a lot of ways it seemed to validate everything that I have been working on for these past few years. Now don’t get me wrong I am not sitting around waiting for family to join in but I do wonder where they have been. During our conversation we went back and discussed everything from Morgan Hill and why the Santa Barbara police would be following me back to Santa Barbara. Then we covered the beating I took while under care at our County Mental Health facility (for depression) and how no law enforcement agency is willing to investigate even though cameras were present. After that we covered the irregularities in my divorce as well as the 7 strike able charges I was forced to deal with in our Santa Barbara criminal system.


Honestly that lasted less than ten minutes of the conversation, no really. The rest of the sixty minutes we talked about was how much I enjoy what I write about, and how much I love our Country and all that it allows me to do. I shared my views on why I feel it is so hard to get people involved in exposing corruption. Of course we spent time talking about my two sons and how extremely proud I am of them and all there achievements.


We touched on Corey Lyons, Ricardo Juarez, Karen Adkins, Superior Court Judge Brian Hill, Gil Armijo, the Nun Scammer, convicted sex offender Peter Jeschke and of course the SBCERS and California public pension crisis’s. Now I am not sure if any of you remember back when I first found that the California State Controllers office actually had yearly audits of all the California Public Pensions. I shared with you all that if searched for those audits you were more likely to find my blog story about them than the Controllers web page. Below is the web page and audits that I am referring to.




 California Public Pension Funds Yearly Audits from the office of the California State Controller. Pubic pension reports County by County and City by City. @ http://www.sco.ca.gov/ard_locrep_retirement.html

Public Retirement Systems Annual Report



I shared with the reporter that while researching these audits I found that there were twenty years of additional audits not available for the public to view unless requested. I never plan a story or time frame to write something. I am like the Paul Jr. (American Choppers) of blog writing I just shoot from the hip. So the other week I tried searching for the California State Public Pension audits and my search results did not produce my blog as it had previously or the State Controllers web site. I thought how strange when you consider that Public Pensions is one of the hotter topics is being searched on the web. As luck would have it the State Controllers office had just sent me an email;

“Hi Larry:

The total for 20 years of Public Pension audit reports for the ten counties you have requested came out to be $xxxx. You can make the check or money order payable to: State Controller’s Office. We will process your request upon receipt of payment. Also, the final product will come on a CD with pdf’s of the tables you requested.

For your convenience, I have attached an itemized list of the order, so you can review it and make sure it is correct.

<<Larry Mendoza.xlsx>>

Thank you for your time.

State Controller’s Office

Local Government Reporting Section”


So during on of my phone conversations with the Controllers legal department I mentioned the fact that when I am on their web site or using Google the audits always fail to appear now. I told their representative that in the past I was able to search and find access to these reports and that is where this gets weird. You see the representative from the Controllers office was aware of the situation and gave me a very poor excuse as to why that was. The only problem for me is that my earlier postings that shared the link to these audits were also no longer coming up.



All this throws up a red flag and reassures me I am on the right track other wise while all the effort from the State level at concealing these audits? Like I told the media source today the math will not allow the California Public pension system to cry broke. 14 California counties averaged a yearly investment return of 14.84% over 5 years 1996-2000. Now the real net return needed by a pension fund yearly is only about 3.25% which may come with an assumption rate of 8%. The bottom line is that over the 5 year period 14 California pensions including Santa Barbara County averaged 15 times the net return they where seeking, 15 TIMES!


The math will not allow the California Counties to bleed our local economy’s dry and I will prove it. As luck would have it my old roommate from U.C.S.B. happens to be employed by Los Angeles County in a management position. It is my goal to create a presentation that will get this person involved and expose the California politicians for the criminals that they are.


In closing you have to remember that during one 10 year period the SBCERS pension fund grew over 310% .Also at the end of this growth the SBCERS pension fund held over 320,000 dollars per MEMBER in it’s trust , I bet you all did not know that!


Can one person make a difference? Not to brag but I have you all following my postings on a regular basis and I am the man that knows he can change the world!



Counties With Assets In Excess 0f $800 Million

Annualized Returns for Period ending 6/30/00


Los Angeles 88,420 $30.3 billion 15.2% 14.6% 15.7%
Orange 20,357 $4.8 billion 11.85% 12.70% 14.46%
San Diego 16,910 $3.7 billion 15.75% 14.59% 16.02%
San Bernardino 15,529 $3.6 billion 9.74% 12.70% 14.12%
Sacramento 10,547 $3.3 billion 9.54% 13.19% 15.41%
Alameda 9,859 $3.8 billion 10.88% 13.10% 15.36%
Contra Costa 8,475 $2.5 billion 6.6% 13.0% 15.7%
Kern 6,853 $1.4 billion 9.43% 11.4% 13.62%
Ventura 6,840 $2.1 billion 7.2% 12.9% 14.8%
Fresno 5,899 $1.3 billion 8.4% 11.8% 14.0%
San Joaquin 4,835 $1.3 billion 7.93% 10.17% 13.71%
Santa Barbara 4,500 $1.2 billion 6.7% 12.1% 14.5%
San Mateo 4,400 $1.2 billion 6.8% 10.5% 15.3%
Stanislaus 4,281 $900 million 6.58% 10.86% 13.49%
Sonoma 4,236 $928 million 8.78% 12.92% 15.81%
Marin 2,885 $955 million 10.7% 12.7% 15.2%



1. Fund balance information provided by Wagerman Associates

2. Rate of return Information on provided by retirement investment administrators of individual counties

3. Rates of return are gross and do not include management fees


By the way this report has been pulled from the Santa Barbara County web site, why is that?


Today was an outstanding day because of the interaction I had with people. For just a little bit today my health was not as bad and my pain was not as present. Some times it takes less medicine and more love to help heal a person; you know who I am talking too!


This document was created with the help and encouragement of my friend in the media I am forever grateful to you.


Larry “Magic” Mendoza

About magicinsantabarbara

Our Santa Barbara Criminal and Civil Superior Courts often abuse’s us with illegal and unjust judgments and convictions. So I investigate, law enforcement, judge’s, elected officials and our California Public Pensions trying to expose the corruption we are being forced to accept. We must always respect and support those who practice the law in an even and ethical manner and demand it from those who do not. Here you can find data for SBCERS, VECRA, LACERA .pensions as well as others.
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