We are waiting on the Jury with the Corey Lyons murder trial

The second Corey Lyons case is with the Jury. Eric Frimpong and Corey Lyons whats with there defense attorney Robert Sanger?

Well it is time to share some more of my concerns regarding the second Lyons double murder trial. I can only talk in a limited capacity since very little has been reported by any type of media as this trial progressed. I was pleased to get this comment from a reader that confirms there is a real need to look into things as I do. “You get great scoops and really do a good job of bringing light to the dark corners.” So I guess we should start this posting by questioning why such an effort from the media to black out any type of trial coverage? I could take a guess and say that since the word “Gang “could not be used in there reports the media lost interest. In fact what little coverage the Santa Barbara news press did give the second trail, it never made the front page. That might be one reason why there circulation is down as low as it is. I should also mention that the “Anti Gang “ story made the front page and the Double Murder was way back on A-4 this past Thursday.
 I have been working on this posting for a week and before I could get a finished product posted the trial is over and in the hands of the jury. This was quite a surprise to a few professionals that I chat with and here is why. The Lyons trial closing was almost an identical to the Eric Frimpong rape case. ‘The best defense was no defense,” One might also call this the Barry Bonds defense since that was also the tactic used in his recent Federal perjury case. Of course the defense attorney in both of our local cases was Robert Sanger. The second Lyons double murder trial started 02/28/11 and the prosecutor was still calling witnesses one week ago Friday. I cannot say how many days the defense used this past week but it could not have been more than 4 before they rested. I must admit that based on the evidence of which there is none; Corey Lyons should be found not guilty. [Larry, there is the possibility Corey was one of the shooters – therefore the distinction: “not guilty” is a legal term meaning the prosecutor did not prove his case, the defendant could still have done the crime, ie., he most definitely is not innocent] No witnesses, No DNA , No murder weapons. In fact the most potentially damaging testimony comes from his sister who was granted immunity for her altered testimony in the second trial.
One might also consider the sister’s potentially damaging letter she sent her brother in jail, nothing more than a stage prop in order to save herself from being charged with perjury. What we must remember to do is examine the physical evidence in this case as well as the incompetence in how that evidence was handled.  Add what appears to me as biased witness and police reports and this could result in another miscarriage of justice if he were to be found guilty.
Below is a portion of an article written by Sam Alipour for E.S.P.N. the Magazine about the Frimpong Trial back in 2009.
“Nonetheless, Frimpong’s supporters save much of their scorn for Sanger. The prosecution rested its case on Dec. 12, having called 32 witnesses; Sanger questioned them all on the stand but called only one additional witness, a blood expert who testified that Doe’s blood alcohol level at the time the sample was taken, 5:37 a.m., was .20, and that it could have been as high as .29 at the time of the incident — an almost lethal level. Sanger rested his case the next day. “The final score was 32-1,” Vom Steeg says. “I feel guilty, like we didn’t do enough.” Loni Monahan spoke to Sanger throughout the trial about his strategy. “He told me, ‘The best defense was no defense, because it would demonstrate there’s nothing to defend,'” she says. “We made a mistake.” Mr. Frimpong was sent to prison.
 If you went online and Googled for media coverage the results will of course bring up my blog and postings and little else. I mean who are we trying to kid when the lead criminalist refuses to perform his duties and search the crime scene for evidence. I did not mean to embarrass Mr. Ullemeyer when I reminded every one that the house was in the dark when the police arrived at 1:30 AM 05/04/09. Thus, showing us all there would be merit in at the very least testing for finger prints on the doors and light switches at the murder scene. Then when you consider that blood was found at Corey Lyons home, you would think if he was indeed the killer, there might be a chance some of his blood was left at the crime scene as well. The reality for me is Mr. Ullemeyer has embarrassed himself and his colleagues with his unprofessional Investigation.
 I received a phone call from my old boss at Mesa Uno Cal two weeks ago ( the old Union 76 Mesa Gas Station ). We chatted about the Lyons case and he reminded me that one of my old co-workers lives right smack dab in the middle of this whole mess. Also when I worked at Mesa 76 for Nitty I used to lived about 5 blocks from the murder scene. Now just because there is no media coverage do not kid yourself that the Mesa community is not talking about the murder and have some concerns of there own.
We all know that I had reported a property transfer (the murder scene) the morning after the murder but my old co-worker has heard rumors too. We have key code that would not have been known to Corey. I say this because one witness who took the stand during the trail said he was told by the victim, Barbara Scharton, if Corey were to show up at the home to call the police. Based on that statement Corey would not have the Garage key pad code. What about the lying in wait charges? If Corey was there waiting again, why no attempt to identify where Corey allegedly waited by criminalist Ullemeyer? I mean half the time the prosecutor’s own theories are defeated by  his own actions.
In Santa Barbara we have a criminalist who refuses to gather evidence.
We have a corner who can not find a cause of death, as in the Detty Mental Hospital case
A City Council who will not share there findings as in the Cam Sanchez investigation.

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Our Santa Barbara Criminal and Civil Superior Courts often abuse’s us with illegal and unjust judgments and convictions. So I investigate, law enforcement, judge’s, elected officials and our California Public Pensions trying to expose the corruption we are being forced to accept. We must always respect and support those who practice the law in an even and ethical manner and demand it from those who do not. Here you can find data for SBCERS, VECRA, LACERA .pensions as well as others.
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