Jeffrey Johnson belongs on the Santa Barbara Sheriffs sex offender web page!

Three things that I forgot to share during this last week.

1- That convicted sex offender Jeffrey Johnson’s photograph is missing from Megan’s Law web page.

2- That our local Sheriffs have a sex offender search web page.

3-That together we can make a difference. After my posting about alleged major drug dealer Erik Bjorklunds calendering information not coming up on our Santa Barbara Superior Court web page I did a follow up search today. An yes his information is now present thank you law enforcement!

OFFICERDEPT02/04/2011 – 8:30 am 1350611 Erik Filip Bjorklund  Request to Calendar Case Jed Beebe SM7 02/18/2011 – 8:30 am 1350611 Erik Filip Bjorklund  Preliminary Hearing Setting Jed Beebe SM7

page: 1/1 total records: 2

Are any of you aware that the Santa Barbara County Sheriffs have an offender web page?
I sent this Email today @:

Please add convicted Santa Barbara sex offenders Peter Jeschke an Jeffrey Johnson to your Santa Barbara Sheriffs offender web page
Offender Search
Some how they currently are missing when I performed my search.

The Community and I Thank You..

Larry Mendoza


This information is meant to educate you about offenders in our community. It has not been made available for you to take action against any individual. Please report all information on offenders directly to law enforcement. Those individuals seeking to harass, harm or confront an offender can be arrested and prosecuted. If you have a question, contact Investigator Sgt Gregg Sanders at 805-681-4150

For questions concerning our sex offender community awareness program, please contact:
Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office
4434 Calle Real
Santa Barbara, CA 93110
Telephone: 805-681-4150

I hope others will also send in an email requesting those two sex offenders be added to there offender web page. I am sure that the victims and there parents could use and appreciate our support.



About magicinsantabarbara

Our Santa Barbara Criminal and Civil Superior Courts often abuse’s us with illegal and unjust judgments and convictions. So I investigate, law enforcement, judge’s, elected officials and our California Public Pensions trying to expose the corruption we are being forced to accept. We must always respect and support those who practice the law in an even and ethical manner and demand it from those who do not. Here you can find data for SBCERS, VECRA, LACERA .pensions as well as others.
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