SBCERS Pension Fund Data for you review. Corruption and Fraud proven

I have made a small report and left it here on my blog for your review. I hope that you review the data that I have spent weeks putting together. How can a Pension fund with a 20 year performance level of 7.6% return be currently underfunded.
I will within the next week present new data showing not only that the SBCERS Pension fund is not 1 billion dollars under funded for future liability but is currently exceeding all expectations up to present time.

To the Board of Supervisors and SBCERS Pension Fund Board Members I challenge you to dispute my findings in any public format you choose.


Larry “Magic” Mendoza
unovering true pension fund value

About magicinsantabarbara

Our Santa Barbara Criminal and Civil Superior Courts often abuse’s us with illegal and unjust judgments and convictions. So I investigate, law enforcement, judge’s, elected officials and our California Public Pensions trying to expose the corruption we are being forced to accept. We must always respect and support those who practice the law in an even and ethical manner and demand it from those who do not. Here you can find data for SBCERS, VECRA, LACERA .pensions as well as others.
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