Josh Lynn Santa Barbara District Attorney Candidate admits corruption in his office!


I sit here in daze and cannot make up my mind. Since early this morning when I first read the Santa Barbara new press story about Josh Lynn I wonder is he just a God send, no just plane too DUMB for his own good! Please review a quote from the front page story regarding Mr.Lynn and I will go from there.

 ,” Mr. Lynn said. However, claimed Mr. Lynn, “paid administrative leave doesn’t exist unless you have done something wrong.”
Mr. Lynn said that he believes this to be an illegal order, but will abide by it because he doesn’t want to be “disruptive.

As always Mr. Lynn’s lack of professionalism and respect for his office co-workers is the first thing that comes out of the above quote for me. What ever happen to keeping things in house and not going public? The second thing that immediately comes to mind is the stupidity in acting as if we should have concern over ANOTHER Illegal act has been handed down by our Santa Barbara District Attorneys Office. Are you kidding me, do you really want me to count the illegal act’s the Santa Barbara district attorneys office is involved in.

1-               the sentencing of Denise D’Sant Angelo which because of my Real Estate back ground called her crime an escrow violation at best. I was referring to the possible co-mingling of funds which is all she is really guilty of. In fact in her other “alleged crime” or second case I ask this question to the public. Are we to believe that A- the Sanchez’s had 19,000 to pay her and not there mortgage payment? B why the need for her help if they had 19,000 dollars in there possession unless they were guilty themselves (the Sanchez’s) of some type of mortgage fraud? C- that the 2 spouse’s disagree over her alleged act and still resultied charges?

2-               That a person was sentenced to 40 years on Voluntary Manslaughter last week in Santa Barbara yet manslaughter carries a maximum of an 11 year sentence? Do you think this person gives a damn Josh Lynn had his hand spanked in public? 4 x the original sentence with special allegations which is the only reason I called into questioned the legality of the additional 29 years coming from special allegations.   

3-               How about the fact after you completed your Hollywood trial the Jury had no clue how the law applied to the case you had just presented them. Than had to call a bailiff to the jury room to ask that this portion be cleared up for them?  The story in the Santa Barbara Independent verifies that fact? This is your legal highlight?

4-               That the Santa Barbara police allowed a “Alleged Gang “ fight to happen on State street 03/14/07 that has resulted in 1 death that day and resulted in further acts of violence after the fact.

5-               How about in the trial of Angel Linares from above, Jr. High students were forced to give false testimony on the stand by a select few in local law enforcement. I wonder what kind of threats they received from those sworn to protect them?

6-               I dare Mr. Lynn to speak of the abuse’s handed down to one of the Mothers of a recent Murder victim here in Santa Barbara and what she has been put through with out the public’s knowledge? Stop acting like you care Josh Lynn.

7-               In the Lyons Double murder trial what happens to the “Whisper Tape”. An by the way how is it a listening device designed to pick up conversation in secret never seams to come through with proper audible? Do you really thing the general public is so dumb they have not questioned that for themselves.

8-               How about case 1213063 & 1212944 where I Larry Mendoza CDL# N8858927 was held illegally and against my will for almost 3 months in Santa Barbara county jail for a protection order that was only not allowed but never had grounds to be issued.  

9-               Case numbers 1188728, 1189598, 1211869 were I again Larry Mendoza was charged with 7 strike-able felony’s all for alleged terrorist threats I never made. In fact one case is a private discussion that should have never seen a jail cell much less a court room. 1 alleged threat accusation was made to be used as a divorce tactic and law enforcement is well aware of the use. The police 911 transcript called it a disturbing the piece call. Yet again I received a felony strike-able charge. How about the breaking into a hotel room after me having 3400 dollars cash stolen from it than arresting me with out a warrant. The term “in hot pursuit” was used to by pass the legal process our Country requires. An all charges were later dropped but 1?  How about the beating I took while under doctor’s care at our local Health Facility that has not bee investigated?

10-         How about Ricardo Juarez the young 14 year old framed in the Angel Linares murder?  How about the document supplied in Superior court regarding a witness’s testimony and granting of use immunity to the likely guilty party? Would you like me to forward that Mr. Lynn and this was done during the first preliminary hearing.

11-         How about the Billion dollar cover up regarding the County Pension and by the way before I forget why must the County make up the difference in funds? The county according to the Government code cannot be held responsible for a debt beyond 1 year. Thus the importance of yearly budgeting. Look up the P.E.R.’s drama people they asked for help from the State it was not required. In fact P.E.R.’s accounts are frozen while further investigations occur.



In closing Josh Lynn just think before you speak because I already have enough documentation to send Mary Barron, Greg Boller, Judge Brian Hill and public defender Karen Adkins to federal prison for R.I.C.O. act violations and would love to add you to this list!

Best Regards

Larry Mendoza

Below is the news press story I referenced at the top of my posting;








June 14, 2010 6:39 AM
Santa Barbara County Deputy District Attorney Josh Lynn said Sunday he has been placed on administrative leave by Acting District Attorney Ann Bramsen.
Mr. Lynn, who recently was an unsuccessful candidate for the position of district attorney, told the News-Press that he was instructed not to report for work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
According to Mr. Lynn, he received a message at 5:15 p.m. on Friday from Ms. Bramsen, ordering him to not come in Monday through Wednesday. “I asked her if I was fired and she said, ‘No,’ that I was just on paid administrative leave,” Mr. Lynn said. However, claimed Mr. Lynn, “paid administrative leave doesn’t exist unless you have done something wrong.”
Mr. Lynn said that he believes this to be an illegal order, but will abide by it because he doesn’t want to be “disruptive.”
He said that he will not know anything concerning his position until after Wednesday.” I find it very hard to move on when I don’t know what is going to happen,” he said. “They refuse to tell me anything,” referring to the DA’s office.
Before the recent primary election, tension was reported between the newly elected district attorney, Joyce Dudley, and Mr. Lynn. In an interview with the News-Press in May, Mr. Lynn said, “She’s said from day one she would fire me. I think that says it all.”
However, Ms. Dudley had no definitive response to this allegation.
“I have no authority to order Josh to stay home,” Ms. Dudley said by telephone Sunday afternoon. “All questions have to be directed toward the acting district attorney.”
Repeated attempts to contact Ms. Bramsen for comment were unsuccessful.


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Our Santa Barbara Criminal and Civil Superior Courts often abuse’s us with illegal and unjust judgments and convictions. So I investigate, law enforcement, judge’s, elected officials and our California Public Pensions trying to expose the corruption we are being forced to accept. We must always respect and support those who practice the law in an even and ethical manner and demand it from those who do not. Here you can find data for SBCERS, VECRA, LACERA .pensions as well as others.
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