Big Santa Barbara drug bust! Does crime pay? You tell me.

Sunday, June 6, 2010
Big Santa Barbara drug bust! Does crime pay? You look at the house and tell me!
Wow a big meth bust in Santa Barbara recently and the Santa Barbara news press missed reporting on one of the story’s. Of the 2 meth bust that occurred I am interested in The second Meth bust that took place at 2078 Las Canoas 93105 home of William Paxson. If you review different stories from various news services names, photos and ages never match in regards to the bust and arrest information. Something like D.A. donations made by Mr. Erik Bjorkland opps that’s really Bjorklund to Mr. Josh Lynn’s campaign fund. There old motorcycle riding buddies and there’s nothing wrong with that.
The information below was taken from Sheriff’s web page in regards to the drug bust and is in the middle of posting.
“William Paxson – 11550(a) H&S – Under the influence of a controlled substance, 11364 H&S – Possession of drug paraphernalia, 11366 H&S – Maintaining a dwelling for drug use/sales. Bail was set at $2,500.”

Really 2500 bail, wow Santa Barbara District Attorneys are really going after the white over 60, living in 2 Million dollar home “Gangsters’ that’s O.G. baby! During my harassment and 5 different illegal arrests I had bail any where from 20,000 to 100,000 for words I never said. Worse than that there is a current rumor that law enforcement caught one of there own in these arrest, can that be true? Take a look at the house yourself!
Below is some more information in regards to the drug bust, I will follow that with some words to the Santa Barbara Sheriff and Police department.
Detectives take down alleged meth ring
By DAILY SOUND STAFF — May 28, 2010
Authorities busted up an alleged methamphetamine ring operating out of a home on Las Canoas Road this week, taking six people into custody on a variety of drug-related charges.
Sheriff’s narcotics detectives launched a three-month investigation after receiving complaints and information from community members about the alleged drug operation. With the help of Santa Barbara police, deputies served a search warrant at the home in the 2000 block of Las Canoas Road on Tuesday.
“Detectives seized operable scales, approximately 2 ounces of methamphetamine, packaging materials, $1,200 in cash and other paraphernalia associated with the sales and use of narcotics,” according to a Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department news release.
The investigation had led detectives to William Pickett Paxson, 64, and William Konrad, 35. While serving the warrant at Paxson’s residence, authorities also arrested four other subjects — Jerry Martin Boeff, 44; Francine Marie Gabel, 59; Blue Downstream Herrick Major, 23; and Paul Arthur Woellert, 46.
Authorities booked Paxson for being under the influence of a controlled substance, possession of narcotics paraphernalia and maintaining a dwelling for the use or sales of drugs. Bail was set at $2,500.
Gabel faces charges of sales and transportation of a controlled substance, as well as possession of drug paraphernalia. She is being held on $30,000 bail. Woellert was booked for possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia, and is being held without bail due to a felony warrant.
Konrad was taken into custody without bail for being under the influence of a controlled substance and violating his probation. Finally, detectives booked Boeff and Major for being under the influence of a controlled substance, with bail set at $2,500 each
Sheriff’s Narcotics Detectives Arrest Six in Drug Bust
Santa Barbara- May 27th, 2010

Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Narcotics Detectives have arrested six people for various drug charges following a three month long drug investigation.

On Tuesday May 25, 2010, Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Narcotics Detectives assisted by the Santa Barbara Police Department conducted a search warrant at the residence of suspected drug dealers in Santa Barbara County.

After a three month long investigation which included complaints and information from the general public, Narcotics Detectives arrested six subjects suspected of dealing and using Methamphetamine during the search warrant in the 2000 block of Las Canoas Rd. in Santa Barbara.

Information developed during the three month long investigation led detectives to 59 year old William Paxson (6-14-45) and 35 year old William Konrad (4-9-75). A search warrant was served at Paxson’s residence on Las Canoas Rd. During the search warrant, Detectives contacted the two above named subjects as well as four additional subjects. Jerry Boeff (2-15-66), Francine Gabel (3-23-51), Paul Woellert (3-5-64) and Blue Downstream Herrick Major (3-24-87). All six were arrested for drug offenses. Detectives seized operable scales, approximately two ounces of methamphetamine, packaging materials, $1,200.00 in cash and other paraphernalia associated with the sales and use of narcotics.

The following is a list of charges for the six suspects who were taken into custody and booked into the Santa Barbara County Jail:

“William Paxson – 11550(a) H&S – Under the influence of a controlled substance, 11364 H&S – Possession of drug paraphernalia, 11366 H&S – Maintaining a dwelling for drug use/sales. Bail was set at $2,500.

William Konrad – 1203.2 P.C. – Violation of probation, 11550(a) H&S – Under the influence of a controlled substance. No bail set.

Jerry Boeff: -11550(a) H&S Under the influence of a controlled substance. Bail was set at $2,500.

Francine Gabel: -11378 H&S – Sales of controlled substance, 11379 H&S – Transportation of controlled substance, 11364 H&S – Possession of drug paraphernalia. Bail was set at $30,000.

Paul Woellert: -11377 H&S – Possession of controlled substance, 11364 H&S – Possession of drug paraphernalia and a Felony No Bail Warrant.

Blue Downstream Herrick Major: -11550(a) H&S – Under the influence of a controlled substance. Bail was set at $2,500.”

I have recently read two separate stories about local law enforcement and the budget woes of this county. Before I do that I wish to offer my sincere condolences and prayers to the McGrew Family on the lose of there son.

In the Sheriff news story a new contract was worked out and about 4 million dollars saved to the County Tax Payers. Although all tax payers deserve a break law enforcement cannot be lied to or taken advantage of as I feel the have in regards to Budgets and pension fraud. The sheriffs union recently removed Greg Wilkins supervising D.A. investigator as one there union representatives and I for one am not surprised. You see while in hopes of getting a investigation open in regards to my 2.5 month stay in jail with no grounds I met Mr. Wilkins. He called for a meeting with my probation officer and I. He sat across from me and flat out lied that a investigation into Greg Boller and his actions against me had been completed and no grounds were found about my concerns. There was also no report allowed for my review(it never was done). To bad I did not have my F.B.I. file and rap sheet to prove him a liar and criminal, there I go venting again. My point is this guys in Law Enforcement how does it feel to be me? We all have families and homes and to be more like me all you have to do is give up your home now and get nothing in return. Now every law enforcement person that has come across my path is well aware how I value there service to our community. Having said that guys if he lied to me why would he not continue on that path? An by the way tie an independent audit to your new contract like the Santa Barbara police department did with there new contract, back pay and raise’s will follow if you do, Good Luck.

As for the Santa Barbara Police and officer McGrew, Mr. McGrew you were involved in my first illegal arrest and I both you and I know that. Regardless of that fact we need a strong reliable and ethical police department and I wish you all the success in obtaining your funding needs. Let me give you some where to look in regards to discrepancies in the Santa Barbara city budget problems. Simply review any budget and look at funds from county property taxes. I might mention by doing this and there is a discrepancy found you also be help your brothers the sheriffs! What you do is review the math in the airport bond @
than review that math against a city budget of matching years and you will find funding statements that reflect anywhere between 24 to 41 million dollars funding for the same time period attributed to county tax payer funds. Depending on the page or description or break down 24 to 41 million is the figures I see, so is it 24 or 41 million and when you find it can you keep it?. To be honest just review any city budget page verses page compare the airport bond and you will find the missing funds you seek. Sorry to say but if city administrator will James Armstrong will commit a crime to cover up for police chief Cam Sanchez, are you surprised he cut your funding. You ca also go to the SEC municipal bond market and pull bond documentation and budget reports.

All laws matter and we need to start brand new and get our community back in order. Now please don’t think I am not currently reviewing the Attorney Generals manual regarding the wire worn in the current murder trial and here is why.

I agree crimes committed by our youth must be punished in the court of law according to the law. However that does not relieve our Santa Barbara District Attorney’s office from having to answer to and uphold the California constitution. In the Hollywood case there was a crime Mr. Hollywood should answer to but Mr. Lynn did not prove his case. O.K. what about someone like me he who did nothing? 7 strike-able false charges, did I lose my rights as an American at that point, hell no! Just because you call someone a defendant does not make it accurate and one cannot assume the facts are true and the courts need to regroup and recognize that. Being called a defendant does not relive any one or office of there oath and obligation to our society!


SEC. 24. Rights guaranteed by this Constitution are not dependent
on those guaranteed by the United States Constitution. In criminal cases the rights of a defendant to equal protection of the laws, to due process of law, to the assistance of counsel, to be
personally present with counsel,

As Always Best Regards

Lawrence Zuniga Mendoza


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Our Santa Barbara Criminal and Civil Superior Courts often abuse’s us with illegal and unjust judgments and convictions. So I investigate, law enforcement, judge’s, elected officials and our California Public Pensions trying to expose the corruption we are being forced to accept. We must always respect and support those who practice the law in an even and ethical manner and demand it from those who do not. Here you can find data for SBCERS, VECRA, LACERA .pensions as well as others.
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